Investing in Puglia

Very attractive real estate prices

The value for money of property in Puglia absolutely cannot be beaten. You can find two-bedroom trulli to renovate, with several hectares of land, starting from €50,000, and fully renovated two-bedroom trulli starting from €300,000. Furthermore, procurement costs are much lower than they are in Belgium. Currently, you only pay 12% based on cadastral income.

The exclusiveness of a classified property

You can rent your trullo or masseria and make a profit from it, while personally making use of it at the times that suit you. Additionally, you will be able to earn significant added value in the long term by reselling, since current prices are much lower than normal.

Development of tourism

Since 2015, the flow of tourists into Puglia has continued to grow.

The price of real estate and tourist rentals is also increasing. This means that demand is much greater than supply.

As a result, now is the time to invest

Buy a place in the sun

You benefit from an exceptional climate that offers more than 300 days of sun each year, located a mere two-hour flight from Belgium. Indeed, a micro-climate ensures sun, warmth and light that cannot be compared with the rest of Europe.

Increasingly efficient and high-quality services

You will have access to all modern conveniences: two international airports with low-cost flights, state-of-the-art hospitals, restaurants, shops, etc. at lower prices. The cost of living is certainly lower.

A variety of leisure activities

The Puglia region is a paradise for lovers of lounging around, golf and water sports.

Real estate prices that are still attractive (FOR NOW)

It is possible to buy gems at affordable prices, if we are comparing the prices to TUSCANY or the South of France, of course. This will not last forever. Take advantage and don’t delay.

Authenticity and heritage

We have found that the number one criterion for visiting tourists is authenticity.

Tourism is also shifting towards more verdant, open-air settings since COVID, like Puglia.


Two hours from home

The wide variety of low-cost flights allows you to take frequent breaks for a long weekend and ensures total flexibility in the event of a last-minute return.
A complete change of scenery, two hours from your home!