Renovations and construction

Renovating trulli


The most delicate phase comes when you have just purchased your trullo, which needs to be renovated in order to convert it into a comfortable home that satisfies your wants and needs.

Anyone considering renovations knows what challenges can be encountered when looking for the right professionals for the job. This is further complicated by trulli, which are made entirely out of stone, using special construction techniques and can only by renovated by regional craftsmen, with special family-run businesses specialising in this field. There is a risk of damaging the essence of your own home, by introducing foreign elements that can destroy the local character of the trullo.

Trulli Invest (formerly known as Trulli et Masserie Franco Belge) is also able to coordinate the entire project in this situation, using the best regional operators (architects, surveyors, any building professionals, pool installation experts, etc.). This is a result of our deep, interpersonal awareness of the region, which is a valuable source of contacts and can avoid unnecessarily wasting time and money.

Here are some examples of projects carried out on trulli for the purpose of improving them, or, better yet, eliminating elements that are foreign to trulli and restoring original elements that have been altered in the past.

Construction and furnishings

Have you found the property of your dreams ?
Now, you have to furnish it.

TMFB can help, thanks to its privileged relationships with leading suppliers in their field.

You determine what work needs to be done, as well as the furnishings and accessories needed, with our consultant, in order to receive a clear, detailed quote.

We plan your work, the delivery and the assembly of the furniture. You have a fully furnished property once the keys are handed over and can make the most of it from the very first second.