Why work with Trulli Invest?

Trulli Invest supports you throughout the process of buying a (second) home in Puglia, from searching for a property to finalising its purchase before a notary in complete security, as well as the various stages involved in negotiations, administration and on-site support.

Our groups is characterised by its perfect understanding of three segments of the market, namely :

What makes us different?

In addition to mastering three segments (support, projects and rental management), all of our employees speak fluent Italian and the regional dialect (which is important). Being fully bilingual is a crucial part of understanding the market, having every possible advantage during a potential negotiation but, most importantly, limiting the number of middlemen!

Furthermore, we have our own offices in SOMBREFFE in Belgium, but also in Puglia (MARTINA FRANCE) in Italy, which allows us to be on the front line when there is a new real estate opportunity. We know where and how to identify good offers!

Yet again, there is no need to use go-betweens: specialists from TRULLI INVEST will support you throughout your property search in Italy.

Our visits to Puglia are always completely customised: a single TRULLI INVEST employee will show the properties and the region to a single family.

Unlimited after-sales service

Interestingly, TRULLI INVEST is the only French-speaking group whose rental-management network is exclusively reserved for buyers. Our TM Holiday service is exclusively available to Trulli Invest clients. Notre service TM Holiday est à disposition exclusive des clients Trulli Invest.