HOLIDAYS: We exclusively manage properties that we have personally renovated

An investment that combines
pleasure and profit.

Do you want to enjoy holidays under the sun and make an investment for rental purposes?
The climate is quite bleak for investors who want to increase their wealth in the traditional way, in particular thanks to the low rates for savings books. On the other hand, the volatility of the financial markets and recent crises has rattled individual investors looking for a relatively secure return. Many savvy investors consider real estate – in particular, overseas real estate – to be one of the last safe havens, since domestic market prices are relatively high.

PUGLIA is a land of opportunities. In the short term, you earn attractive rental income.

Indeed, thanks to the exceptional climate in southern Italy, you are able to rent eight months out of the year.

Furthermore, hotel offerings are relatively limited compared to the demand from foreign tourists.

The appeal of this investment lies in the ability to rent a unique property: a trullo or a masseria !

Finally, if you have kids in school, you have to go during the peak season and your holiday budget will go considerably further if you stay in your own property.

To make things easier for you, we manage the entire rental process for you.

  • In the long term, the current appeal of the prices ensures significant added value. For these reasons, real estate investment in Puglia today is a legitimate alternative to traditional investments, while adding an additional dimension to your holidays.
    In short, it’s an investment that makes sense for your budget and your family.
  • We produce a listing with photos by a professional photographer, in order to showcase your property on the most reputable rental sites.
  • We manage commercial contacts with potential tenants, the administrative management of contracts and the management of financial transactions, such as the deposit, the balance and the security deposit.
  • We bring your tenant to the home to hand over the keys, carry out an inventory upon arrival and departure and organise cleaning.

This allows you to make a return on your investment, while completely unburdening yourself of the management duties.

You also have access to the online schedule, in order to fill in the dates when you will be occupying the property. Enjoy and make a profit!